Dry Brushing Benefits: Glowing Skin

Dry Brushing Benefits: Glowing Skin

Dry brushing helps unclog pores, reduce cellulite, will clear away dead skin cells, tightens skin and muscles and excrete toxins that get trapped beneath the skin.Did you know that dry brushing is an old practice :Cherokee Indians used clean dried corn cobs to brush off dead cells.   
  • skin is our third kidney,  it eliminate wastes from our body
  • detoxify through skin
  • unclog blocked pored
  • bye bye cellulite
  • tighten your skin
  • Glow inside out!

How to dry brush:

  • Bottom to top(start brushing your feet with vigorous circular motion, working from your toes upwards with long sweeping strokes)
  • Use the dry brushing rule ‘Brush towards your heart’(ensures blood flows back to the heart, where it will be re-circulated throughout the body)
Recommended twice a week for body exfoliation!
Gently wash your dry brush with warm water and a nontoxic at least once a week.
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