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Press Release

Discover Natural Beauty Products from Around the World at Moonlight Beauty’s Website.

Rooted in Earth, Inspired by Nature and Powered by Beauty Secrets Around the World.

15 September, 2017 : Moonlight Beauty is an emerging Canadian brand of healthy skin care products with a mission: to let people discover world's best natural products that make them 'Glow Inside Out'. The indie brand recently launched its website, to facilitate customers for not just purchasing their products but also learning more about taking better care of their skin. The Moonlight Beauty products enables people to achieve healthy and younger looking skin without investing in cosmetic surgery or splurging their cash on products from high-end brands.

Moonlight Beauty believes in making natural beauty affordable. For this purpose, they source the products they offer from around the globe, ensuring they are made from at least 95% natural ingredients and don’t contain any toxic materials or harmful chemicals, which end up causing more harm than good.

A spokesperson for Moonlight Beauty stated, “As a company, we are committed to discovering natural beauty secrets from around the world and our new website is a means for us to take our message to the world. We are an indie brand, and we keep things simple. The products we offer are safe, effective, and affordable.”

The website dedicates a section to the products the brand offers, ranging from loofah pads to serums, each product designed to facilitate healthy skin care. Customers can conveniently browse the section to select the products they want to purchase. Pricing and other information is available directly through the website, making it a convenient portal for people who want to benefit from Moonlight Beauty.

The brand also believes in giving back, donating $1 from the sale of each product to the charity of the month. Currently, the charity of choice is UNICEF and Moonlight Beauty plans to keep updating their website with the charity they are supporting in any given month.

About Moonlight Beauty

Moonlight Beauty is an indie skin care brand, based in Canada. They offer a wide range of natural skin care and beauty products, sourced from around the world. The brand believes in offering affordable solutions to help their customers achieve healthy skin. You can learn more about the brand through their new website.  

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