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Yearly vacations turned into a research venture for a mother with dry, dull skin and hyper-pigmentation who was on a quest for natural skincare that was anti-aging, affordable, organic, cruelty free, vegan and that simply delivered results. Between the souvenir shopping and culture soaking, it wasn't long before Moonlight Beauty was formed with research and tested natural ingredients from around the world that delivered results. This is how it all began...

Moonlight Beauty is a Canadian indie brand of skin care products with a purpose: to let people discover world's best natural products that makes them 'Glow Inside Out'. For this, we ethically source affordable and natural beauty products from across the world to offer our customers optimal skin care solutions. We are a Canadian brand and we pride on being indie. Our holistic products promote inner and outer beauty to make you “Glow Inside Out”.

Our Core Values: 

  • Glow comes from within-we want to enhance natural beauty with or without makeup! Our customers should feel confident without makeup because we believe the best foundation is healthy skin. 
  • Skin care is a long term investment and thus it should be affordable without compromising on quality. 
  • Ingredients matter-thus we use organic, cruelty free, natural and vegan ingredients as you are what you put on your  skin. 
  • It is not about "anti-aging", it is about aging gracefully and being the best version of ourselves in every phase of life.  
  • The world is our oyster. We believe in exploring natural beauty secrets from around the world and bringing you the best of the world's natural beauty products and beauty tools. 
  • Charitable giving is a part of us. $1 from every skincare product(excluding natural sea sponges/brushes/loofah pad) sale goes to the chosen charity for that period. Unicef is our first chosen charity for the 2017-2018 period.

Moonlight Beauty's mission is to to let people discover natural beauty products from around the world that makes them glow inside out. 

We are still in the early part of our journey so please follow us on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch!